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Portal Summary


Portal Summary -

The Rural Development Foundation’s portal – WITRYNA WIEJSKA- is accessible to those living in large cities as well as small villages. Its main purpose is to not only to give practical advice, information, and direct help to its users, but also to display current topics on education, advising, financing and life in local communities. City-dwellers are encouraged to look at the site to stay updated on the progress happening in rural areas, while the people living in villages look at the site to gather information about improving their quality of life. The portal focuses on simplicity and works hard to pay special attention to each person’s individual case. Along with being a basic guide to help users create successful projects, it is also a connection to information from all over Poland. The portal WITRYNA WIEJSKA provides helpful knowledge for the local communities.

Atlas Initiative (Atlas Inicjatyw)

The portal had its beginnings in the Atlas Initiative. This was an agreement between organizations and the foundation in which money was given to aid in their project in exchange for sharing their success story online. This program allows the portal to show practical use of money and knowledge. The list of these programs can be found under the link for the Atlas Initiative.

Enterprises (Przedsiębiorczość)

This link has information about how to make a business, where to register, addresses, what kind of paperwork you will need, etc. 

Must Read! (Warto Przeczytac)

This section has daily topics about obtaining money from the EU, education, conferences, etc. The list is most helpful when it is checked everyday!

Advising (Poradniki)

Includes information about the financing an education with money from the European Union as well as the laws and procedures required for NGO’s. This includes a description of the necessary papers, where you can register, and explains volunteerism.

Cultures and Traditions (Dziedzictwo, Filmoteka, Postawy, O tym się mówi)

This part of the portal is unique in that it reports on the different and interesting activities happening around Poland. It includes videos and articles on local heroes. The video include examples on how to make traditional Polish bread and cabbage.